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Some effects of silver on different bacteria

  • The presence of Ag in the vicinity of the cell membrane creates adhesion to the cell membrane, and this gravity begin the death of the cell

  • Silver particles melt the potential of the plasma unstable, resulting in a decrease in the level of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) inside the cell

  • Silver By disrupting the mobility of the proton, the membrane of the cell causes a significant decrease in the level of potassium in the cell

  • The silver particles after adjacency and adhesion to the surface of the membrane of the cell disrupt the respiratory system of the cell

  • Silver disrupts DNA replication, and the bacteria loses its ability to replicate

  • The cell membrane will attack the bacteria and lead to cell death

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Why should you choose us

Dr.Mueller Hygiene Products

  1. Dr.Mueller products properties

    Due to the nature of silver fibers in these products, it has the following properties. – antibacterial – Anti Pilz – Antimicrobials – anti allergy – Anti odor

  2. Pregnancy & anti-fungal hygiene panties with silver fiber

    Also, the underwear prevent abortion in pregnancy and  protect the fetus while the silver fibers don’t let go through any radiation and harmful waves.

  3. Dr.Mueller hygiene products standards

    – Approved by the German Institute of Hygiene

    – Certified German quality control standard

    – Approved by  Lab under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

    – To have antibacterial and microbial activity according to standard 11070